Are you looking to make a statement
or spruce up your branding?

Our original business card designs will create a great first impression.
We can improve your company's brand name and familiarity and make smooth
customer retention.It can be used at shops with VISA handling marks around the world.
It is also possible to withdraw local currency at any ATMs worldwide.


Co-Brand Card Program

We offer you original designs to improve your company’s branding and trustworthiness by posting your company's slogan or logo on the prepaid card.

Benefits of using the Co-Brand Card Program

By issuing a card of your own company, your employees do not only reflect your brand but also get a certain commission from card fees by using it.

Create new revenue channel

Reduce distance with customers. Repeat purchase is likely to happen.

If the company's creditworthiness gets higher and you have the real thing, the brand will become stronger.

It is not just a membership card but a prepaid card that can be exchanged for money.

Offered in original design

cards Select Both Card Surface: Matte or gloss Colours are freely selectable VISA · MasterCard
both selectable
Input selected currency Feel free to select colours of the logo Choose your preferred size

How to use Co-Brand Card Program