i-Account Money Laundering Prevention Act (AML), pursuant to the anti-terrorism financing (CTF), to establish the appropriate policies, procedures and controls, and implement appropriate safeguards to reduce the risk.

  • We adopt strict and effective KYC (Know Your Customer) measures for high risk customers and simplify KYC for low risk customers.
  • Delegate Compliance Officer (CO) and take responsibility to oversee overall activities.
  • Money Laundering Officer will be delegated to be responsible for reporting suspicious transactions.
  • Train AMLO to new staff and related staff and take appropriate measures so that field staff can clarify the scope of responsibility and examine suspicious transactions.
  • Based on the risk base, implement appropriate controls and audits to determine the scope of due diligence and the level of ongoing monitoring.
  • We keep your personal information, identity confirmation documents, transaction history while in business relationship and 6 years after business relationship is over.
  • iAccount Services (HK) Limited periodically conducts audits and assessments in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances to effectively mitigate and control risks. We do not do any business with suspicious money laundering or or individuals and organizations doing illegal activities.

i-Account, we do not do the deal with the customer who is suspected of financing by some or directly involved in, or illegal conduct is suspected of money laundering.