i-Account gives credibility of transaction as a third party

Optimize the risk in inter-company / individual transactions

What is Escrow Service?

Escrow service can be used either by the seller or by buyer. i-Account also acts as a trading system that confirms both parties fulfill responsibilities in transactions, and pay the parties offering goods and services.

I have paid, but have you not experienced anxiety until the item arrives?

In particular, there are many cases where risk is high in overseas business providing goods and services such as non-issuance of invoices.

If you exceed 90 days, we will process payment automatically so you do not have to worry if you forgot it.

You can set who amongst the sellers and buyers will bear the commission.

We assure the safety of assets and lessen the risks in overseas transactions.

Since the fee generated for each transaction is only 0.5%, you won’t notice it at all.