Image the functions of remittance around the world in one platform.

i-Account enables you to consolidate all existing services into a single money platform for improved cash management and treasury operations.

Exchange control

Many remittance service companies are forced to do foreign exchange at the time of remittance. This can often mean that spot FX is conducted instead of planned FX or forward contracts. International payments can also take 2-5 days to settle to the recipient across SWIFT, instead of real time settlement within the i-account wallet. This basically means that the FX exchange is often done days before the final settlement and the remittance is at the mercy of the FX market during the transit time - or worse the FX exchange is settled by the recipients bank several days later. i-Account users can control, select, and do the FX and payout internally and in real time within the wallet for themselves. This cuts out delays in transmission - lost FX optimization rates - and also correspondent bank charges and delays. i-Account users can pay directly their recipients using the recipients' preferred settlement currency and in real time via the platform. i-Account also provides a multicurrency exchange CARD which manages 10 currencies. Using the CARD and/or platform, payments can be optimized in terms of FX risk and transmission delays between cards - cutting the costs , improving the transmission speed, and enabling cash out via ATM bypassing the much slower correspondent bank and SWIFT fees. i-Account is a 25-international currency account and business transactions can be done anywhere in the world.

Ideal for raising sales proceeds of business people who participates in the marketplace

Since it is a multi currency account of 25 currencies, business transactions can be done all over the world.

Miscellaneous transfer methods

In addition to bank remittance, various channels are available such as depositing or remitting to exchange shops and recharging to mobile SIM card.

Payment of remuneration and commission

Since there is a mass payment function, you can remit / pay all at once.

Exchange FX Rates

Remittance to international banks is possible, supporting 50 currencies or more.

Exchange is through a preferential FX rate

Through the collaboration with an FX specialised dealing team and a number of international financial institutions, we came up with a favoured exchange rate of 0.75% for major currencies.

Fully functional, simple integration

i-Account can be operated entirely online with user-friendly interface and advanced security. Its state-of-the-art financial platform provides services such as high-speed, low-cost remittances to banks around the world, internal remittances that arrive instantly, and online payment or in-store shopping. It is a convenient and an easy way to manage your financial activities.

Accounts with multiple currencies
(25 different currencies)


24-hour international

Currency exchange available 24 hours, 7 days a week

Privacy protection and state-of-the-art
security technology

Instant remittance and settlement between i-Account

Quick multilingual
customer support

Seven global bases and more than 200 staff

Technology & Security

i-Account provides a means of safe transaction through safe cash management, privacy protection, and fraud prevention measures.