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To expand our international presence
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i-Account offers money platform as a cross-border remittance solution to clients existing all over the world. Currently there are users in 114 countries and we do remittance, currency exchange, settlement, and card service with support to 25 currencies.

Support for 25+ currencies

Trading volume per day$3192994656

Support local banks in29 Countries

55 withdrawing methods

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i-Account is looking for the following partner types and aims to create collaboration with value and power.

Bank, Payment Provider & Remittance Agency

Over the past seven years, we have been involved in building relationships with partner vendors (banks, remitters, payments companies, etc.) around the world. The money infrastructure has now covered more remittance and settlement methods than the past 100 in the world. What we are most proud of is our cross-border remittance / settlement. Join us and we will move forward.

Marketing & Sales Partner

We are looking for partners in Marketing and Sales across the world. We are introducing a partner system that allows to gain mutual benefits while promoting market development of our services and product development together.