Money infrastructure created with state-of-the-art technology

Our money infrastructure is realised through collaboration and advanced technology foundation with our partner, which was cultivated in over seven years since we started the service.

Money infrastructure encompasses not only swift remittance but also multiple channels such as LBT, Instant Banking, E-Money, Exchange Shop, Mobile-Top-Up, Credit Card Settlement, and Virtual Currency. It is flexibly built to respond to every need of every country.

You can convert this money infrastructure to your money platform and can be used for international business, fund transfer, and settlement demand.

In addition to saving user time and cost in various usage scenarios, the experience is optimised. Thus, financial institution people who need cross-border remittance and those who want to send escrow remittance are using it.


i-Account provides a means of safe transactions through safe cash management, privacy protection, and fraud prevention measures.
Within seven years of operation, there is no known record of any damage from system accidents or attacks from malicious third parties.

Advanced technology to protect privacy information
Prevention of unauthorised access from international standard servers
ISACA certificate holder from CISA
Anti-phishing strategy based on VeriSign EV SSL
Strict User Authentication Procedure (Customer Due Diligence)
Protection for both buyer and seller
Advanced money transfer method with second password
Knowledge of security vulnerabilities

Advanced technology to protect privacy information

Our i-Account system employs industry standard encryption SSL technology and state-of-the-art firewall system to effectively prevent unauthorized access and to fully protect customer information from data theft. Because we are fully aware of the importance of transaction data, only those with special authority within i-Account Services (Hong Kong) can access customer's private information.

Anti-phishing strategy based on VeriSign EV SSL

Based on worldwide accepted guideline standards, the EV SSL certificate has been approved and issued one after another after undergoing rigorous review of the website owner and physical entity. i-Account has acquired EV SSL certificate from VeriSign, an industry leader in this field, to guarantee strongly encrypted communication and to prevent phishing attacks. When the user logs in to the i-Account system, the URL column changes to green, indicating that the use of the customer's i-Account is protected by 256-bit encryption by EV SSL.

Prevention of unauthorized access from international standard server

We use a trusted server that meets international credit card industry security standards to prevent unauthorized access. All server data meets international security standards and is stored in a data center carefully monitored throughout the year.

ISACA certificate holder: CISA

In order to guarantee the security of internal and external information, we have taken measures to protect by specialized corporate auditors with CISA. CISA is a qualification granted by an international professional organization gathered by advanced ICT experts on ISACA, information systems, information security, IT governance, risk management and audit management, and security inspection for information systems. ISACA qualified holders (CISA) play an important role in most financial institutions in the United States and other countries around the world.

Strict User Authentication Procedure (Customer Due Diligence)

As a financial institution holding Hong Kong's Money Service Operators License, we will authenticate each i-Account user by standard and rigorous procedures based on customer due diligence. Every time you apply for a new application, you will need proof of photo ID and address issued by the customer's government, and those documents will be strictly screened before proceeding with the application process. Customer due diligence procedures effectively prevent fraud and other illegal purposes, but also guarantee a secure trading environment for each i-Account user.

How to protect both seller and buyer

By pre-using the escrow service offered by our company, it is possible to prevent the occurrence of problems such as "product does not arrive" or "can not be paid for price".

Pre-advance money transfer with second password

Since the setting of the second password which is essential for everyone at login and remittance, even if the first password is stolen by a malicious third party, damage can be kept to the minimum.

Implement system vulnerability diagnosis

We regularly diagnose vulnerabilities by third parties. By doing so, customers can use the system more safely by preventing troubles such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, leakage, etc. by a malicious third party in advance.