Terms of Conditions

Scope of personal information

The personal information stated in the privacy policy includes name, birth date, sex, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and other information that can identify you.

Data security (data security)

  • Expansion of i-Account system using SSL
  • Real time / Firewall monitoring system to prevent unauthorized access

The EV SSL certificate will be approved and issued after ownership of the website and strict investigation of the company. iAccount has adopted the industry leader Verisign's EV SSL certificate to ensure high encrypted communications and prevent phishing. Make sure that the URL bar is green when logging into i-Account. This indicates that your i-Account is protected by EV SSL.

Purpose of using personal information

iAccount collects your personal information to manage and provide services of iAccount in order to improve customer service satisfaction.

  • For iAccount to serve customers
  • For identity verification of customers for the purpose of preventing money laundering and improper transactions
  • For the design of services and products
  • To outsource the operation of iAccount to an official partner
  • iAccount exercises the rights under the contract made with the customer
  • To support other banks' research and transaction requirements
  • To introduce new services and products from iAccount to customers by direct mail, questionnaire, e-mail, and other marketing methods
  • To conduct customer identity survey for loan review
  • To facilitate building relationship with customers

Prohibited activities

Customers using i-Account are not responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of each item applied to all activities related to the use of the i-Account service when using the i-Account service, regardless of purpose Yes.

The prohibited activities are as follows, but it is not limited to just that activity:

  1. Acts that violate any law, regulation, ordinance, or regulation;
  2. Participate in illegal activities;
  3. Financial crime;
  4. Theft behavior;
  5. Drug tools;
  6. Slandering behavior;
  7. Sexually oriented items or services;
  8. Human or animal organ, blood and plasma;
  9. Infringement of copyright or trademark right;
  10. Infringement of privacy and publicity rights;
  11. Acts of displaying personal information to a third party in violation of applicable laws;
  12. Adoption agency, behavior including surrogacy;
  13. Ammunition, weapons, some ammunition components;
  14. Weapons and knives controlled by applicable laws and regulations;
  15. Contract or business mercenary forces;
  16. Abuse of refugees and human rights violations;
  17. Used for animal abuse, animal experiments, animals or any behavioral scientific studies;
  18. Some practice of infinite chain lecture;
  19. Goods or services of acts suspected of being fraud identified by government agencies;
  20. Prescription drugs and devices that violate applicable laws and industry regulations;
  21. High risk of risk, or biological risk, chemical or nuclear material;
  22. High risk behavior such as casino gambling, sports betting, horse racing and dog racing, lottery, gambling, refueling;

Information disclosure

iAccount may disclose your information in response to requests from the government or other affiliated financial institutions. In this case, disclosure will be made according to Hong Kong law by appropriate procedures.

Regardless of which page of this website you visit, you are deemed to have agreed to the privacy policy raised here. If there is a difference in interpretation in each language version, interpretation of English takes precedence.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the above privacy policy, please contact customer support.

i-Account Terms of Conditions

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